Tigers vs Rabbits

As the Year of the Tiger ends on January 21, 2023 and the Year of the Rabbit begins, we can expect an abrupt change of pace as we say goodbye to the roaring Tiger and hello to the milder Rabbit.

Both anatomically and behaviorally, tigers and rabbits could hardly be more different. The same is true for their corresponding zodiac years, according to astrologists.

Historically the rabbit is known as the most gentle and tender of the twelve animals in the Chinese zodiac.

The Tiger in 2022

In 2022, life had the characterization by strength, vitality and growth, underpinned by the dynamism of the tiger, according to the Chinese zodiac. Moreover, as the year had the label as yang, the active principle of the universe in ancient Chinese philosophy, people may have felt enthusiasm, positivity and productivity, but also restlessness and inflexibility.

The upcoming Year of the Rabbit, however, embodies yin, the passive principle of the universe, which manifests in relaxation, fluidity, quietness and contemplation.

If 2022 felt fast, hard or busy, 2023 will offer opportunities for contemplation, rest and nurturing of body and soul in an attempt to provide balance under the basic concept of yin and yang — that opposite forces complement one another to offer harmony overall.

The Rabbit in 2023

However, the Year of the Rabbit offers so much more than simply downtime from the impact of the “fierce, strong and powerful” tiger. 

“The rabbit is gentle, quiet, tame, tender and kind, yet it moves quickly and is very clever,” pointing to the Chinese idiom “a crafty rabbit has three burrows.” This implies that the rabbit not only has many ideas but is also good at adapting to the environment and can move very quickly, allowing it to protect itself during times of danger or when the situation is not favorable. The kind, even soft, nature of the rabbit hides a quiet confidence and strength, according to the Chinese zodiac, which says the animal moves steadily toward its goals, regardless of any negativity or problems encountered.

As a result, the overall energy of 2023 is likely to be gentle and calm, with people looking “for a more balanced life,” she adds. There could also be more movement and traveling, “just like that of a swift rabbit.”

The Year of the Rabbit’s “gentle approach will soothe the ups and downs of last year’s Year of the Tiger” and, even in the face of hurdles in 2023, people will benefit from the rabbit’s “quiet constancy” to overcome them.

Furthermore, the yin nature of 2023 heightens this trait of the rabbit.

year of the rabbit

Rabbit and Business

The quality of yin is receptive, accepting and intuitive. In the Year of the Rabbit, you may not know how each moment connects to the next in your business. However, you are aware of your priorities and can hop away from distractions to stay focused on your company goals.

For people used to making and following fixed plans, the coming year “will soften schedules around the edges,” which might require a period of adjustment until people align with their “rabbit instincts”.

For career or financial success in 2023, astrologers therefore suggest that any plans for improvement or development should should initiate early on in the year to ensure their best success rate because most foliage and blossoms thrive in spring and summer. It is also good to take action in February, when rabbits are most active and “jump on verdant grass,” according to the Chinese zodiac, which lists February as the month of the rabbit. In Japan, this aligns with the beginning of spring — also the season for rabbits — on Feb. 3, according to the Japanese lunar calendar.

What to Expect in 2023

The Year of the Rabbit, therefore, has an expectation to promote strengthened bonds with loved ones as well as expanded connections with friends, family and colleagues. It is even considered auspicious to start a family in 2023.

Above all, though, the Year of the Rabbit is going to be a year of hope, largely because the rabbit has an association with peace, prosperity and longevity in Asia. In Chinese culture, the rabbit is the luckiest of the 12 animals of the zodiac and symbolizes energy, elegance and beauty, while Korean folk tales present the rabbit as quiet, clever, fertile and prosperous.

Those born under the Rabbit sign will experience good fortune with money and have harmonious relationships with those born under the Dragon, Monkey, and Ox signs. During this period, financial success may gravitate a bit more effortlessly into your grasp, prompting you with somewhat of an award for all you have endured. 

Known for being level-headed and astute in their approach to conflict, Rabbits symbolize a calm approach to everyday error. Won’t this be a welcome change for those of us in the stressful event planning industry so let’s plan those events.

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