The event day has arrived. You have meticulously planned everything, from the decorations to the music and delicious food. Yet, your guests seem disinterested, sitting around, yawning, with a deserted dance floor. Some even discreetly make their exit from the event.

Ouch! What went wrong? Even when you have planned the event from top to bottom, why aren’t your attendees enjoying themselves? The answer might be that your event lacks the element of surprise.

Fortunately, this blog post is here to share 5 tricks from an Event Consultant to transform that event into a success.

Trick #1: Keep it alive 

The same concept you would use when adding more wood to a fireplace should be applied to an event. By having an evolving agenda, you pique the interest of your attendees since they don’t know what to expect next. You can achieve this by offering a variety of attractions, such as secret rooms and activities. Consider having a plant or undercover artist who will make a surprise appearance when attendees least expect it. This will keep your guests on their tiptoes!

Trick #2: Surprise Celebrity Appearance  

One more way to surprise your event guests besides an undercover artist is to bring a celebrity. This pop of celebrity will make your event exclusive, as a celebrity has made an appearance at your event. A celebrity can be anyone famous from top athletes, music performers, movie stars to those known in the community (like Fred and Gloria below). Their appearance will undoubtedly create a buzz and give attendees something memorable to talk about. 

Trick #3: Contests & Prizes  

What do people love more than events? Winning! It’s in our human nature to be competitive. By organizing a contest or a competition, such as seeing who can go the lowest in a limbo stick game, you can truly energize your event. Offering prizes like a trip to Vegas, Apple products, and more can add excitement. Alternatively, if you favour hosting a random draw for prizes, that is a wonderful way to engage all attendees, especially at the end of the event encouraging guests to stay late.

Trick #4: Special Accommodation  

Many times, at events, alcohol plays a significant role, and some might be left sipping regular soda while the rest enjoy delicious cocktails. Instead, include a mocktail bar as a surprise for those who do not drink or decide to skip the alcohol, or simply want to try something new. Mocktails can be a delight, especially when crafted by a professional. This would convey consideration for the non-alcoholic attendees who also want to enjoy a delicious drink too!  

Trick #5: DIY Booths  

Allow guests to create memorable souvenirs at diverse DIY stations. They can craft unique perfumes, design ceramics, or assemble jewelry to match their style. For those looking for relaxation, a manicure spot can be a hit. And to capture the fun, a photo booth with playful props awaits. With each station, guests are treated to an experience as unique as the keepsakes they take home.

In Conclusion  

Every event has the potential to be memorable, leaving an impression on its attendees. By incorporating elements of surprise, catering to diverse interests, and providing unique experiences, you can transform a standard gathering into an unforgettable occasion.

Remember, it is not just about careful planning, but also about understanding and anticipating your guests’ desires. With these tricks up your sleeve, your next event is sure to be the talk of the town!  

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