Now that we have recovered from the last two years’ pandemic, events are starting to make their comeback. But after being dormant, the event industry has changed tremendously, and it’s challenging to navigate through all these transitions. This is where event consulting comes in! As an event consultant expert, Sharon Bonner’s values knowledge, experience, and a good plan.

That’s why for today’s blog post, we decided to have a chat with an award-winning event planner.

The event master herself,

Your Event Consultant expert, Sharon Bonner. 

In our conversation, Sharon shares her lifelong event industry experience. From what made her decide to open an event planning agency to the benefits of working with an Event Consultant. Sharon reveals what is unique and valuable about hiring an Event Consultant and some of her most exciting accomplishments!

We’ve got a lot to cover, so grab a cup of tea or coffee and…

Let’s have a chat with an Event Consultant!

Sharon Bonner Event Consulting Expert

Interviewer: First, thank you for making time for this interview and sharing your event management expertise! 

Sharon: Absolutely, I love sharing my knowledge, and I’m always happy to provide value to my community. 

The motives for launching event consulting services 

Interviewer: We know that you have lots of experience and you always stay up-to-date with the latest trends and knowledge in the event world, so let’s jump right in. What made you open Sharon Bonner Consulting and offer event consulting services?

Sharon: What prompted me to open my consulting business was COVID. During my 34 years of event production experience, I had clients asking me for consulting services, but I was always busy with event planning. I didn’t have time to focus my energy on opening my consulting business. And if you know me, I always give it my all when I do something!

When COVID happened, the event industry took a massive hit. Everything moved to online events instantly, or events were canceled or some were postponed. Everyone was migrating towards online events, so I did as well. I studied online and virtual events and became certified as a VEMM. I even published my first e-book, ‘Donuts in the Lunchroom.’ Finally, I had the time and energy to pick up this Event Consulting project and give it my all! 

The Event Consultant spark

Interviewer: We’re so happy that you answered the call and are now opening your own Event Consultant business! What excites you the most about launching Sharon Bonner Consulting?

Sharon: I’m naturally drawn to creativity, and with Sharon Bonner Consulting, I showcase that. Taking the responsibility of being the event consultant means I get to look at people’s event plans. I modify them with my expertise and steer them in the right direction. Because I have event strategy blueprints and templates built into my DNA, I can identify problematic areas in event plans. If I notice a risk, I alert my client of an unforeseen event. My creativity comes into play when I help clients overcome event roadblocks. I help them with creative, innovative, and budget-conscious solutions.

Interviewer: That sounds like such a valuable service; getting access to your 34 years of professional event planning experience is truly an asset! And what is unique about Sharon Bonner Consulting?

Sharon: I feel like Sharon Bonner Consulting is a dark horse. The dark horse comes out of the back and ends up being a winner. I believe that Event Consulting is going to come out of nowhere and be a winner. Slowly, people realize that this is precisely what they need, given the current labor shortage in our industry. Hiring an event consultant means having rare access to professional experience, networks, and resources while staying on budget!

Latest updates from your event consultant

Interviewer: That’s exciting. As a true dark horse, we know that nothing can stop you, even a global pandemic! We heard that even during COVID-19, you still managed to keep your business operating and growing! So, what is a recent accomplishment that you are most proud of?

Sharon: When the pandemic hit, Bright Ideas Event Agency organized resources for event businesses to navigate through the challenging times. We were recognized as the most innovative enterprise in BC for our initiatives and resilience to grow during the pandemic. After a long and exhaustive judging period, the panel awarded Bright Ideas Event Agency the prize for our powerful accomplishments.

These are some of my recent accomplishments:

The Global Events Community – our mission was to offer resources and information for the challenges we faced as an industry. We collaborated, engaged, and fostered community support for the event industry.

Donuts In The Lunchroom: “Donuts in the Lunchroom’ provides a fun and informative playbook for creating engaging virtual team events. These events will go beyond your typical Zoom meeting. It is an excellent resource for virtual teams and provides a step-by-step process to create engaging online events.

Caring Connections Cards When in-person events were canceled, we were devastated by the thought of missing all our connections. To reconcile this, we decided to send our support to the event community. We developed, designed, and distributed luxurious customized greeting cards to support and sustain our meaningful networks in the industry.

Offering top-class event knowledge 

Interviewer: Very inspiring… we heard that with your new Event Consulting business, you have also launched an inspiring monthly newsletter called the “Consulting Corner. “ What can our readers expect to receive from this newsletter?

Sharon: The event industry is a long and never-ending learning curve. People often feel overwhelmed or confused about planning their events, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Our monthly newsletter will provide them with tools to overcome difficulties and educate them on how hiring an event consultant can smooth their event journey. Right now, it appears to be all black or white. You either employ an event producer or you don’t, but there doesn’t seem to be any other option. And I think that’s an absolute failure for our industry.

For example, nonprofits, fundraisers, and agencies usually have a huge volunteer base. They want to control their events, but perhaps they don’t know how. Maybe their volunteers don’t have the experience and knowledge. Or they have the manpower but have never planned an event. This is where hiring an Event Consultant is the perfect solution. You can hire an Event Consultant to guide you on how to plan an award-winning event. How cool is that?! 

Event Consulting changes EVERYTHING! 

Interviewer: Sign me up! That sounds like an exceptional solution. Now we know where to go to get more of that colorful brain of yours! Do you have any last words that you want to share with your audience?

Sharon: Don’t be shy to reach out for some help. The event industry is going through massive changes, and it is tough to navigate. During my 34 years, we haven’t seen anything like this. We are in a state of the unknown, the unpredictable, where things are in constant flux. Therefore, Event Consultants are needed now more than ever. Consulting offers a sense of relief—security, stability, and comfort—and guarantees that your event will be on the right path.

New services and trends always come up, and we are the pioneers that know how to handle these changes. We have the right networks, skills, templates, and a solid foundation to build upon. I feel like consulting couldn’t come at a better time. It’s prime and ready. It was serendipitous that we didn’t start five years ago, as I had planned. Event Consulting is needed today more than ever.

Until the next time when we get to talk with an Event Consultant…

Interviewer: Sharon, we learned so much from you, and we would love to chat more. But we know events are coming back, and you’re loaded with energy to be out there producing magical events. We encourage our readers to sign up for the Consultant Corner Newsletter to catch up on the latest event news.

Thank you so much for giving us access to your professional event experience.

Sharon: Thank you for having me. Keep being unique and colorful.  And think outside of the box – always!

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