Summer is upon us, and it is the ideal season to host an unforgettable outdoor event. With 35 years of event experience under our belt, we have perfected a comprehensive checklist to ensure the success of your gathering.

Here are 10 essential steps to follow to prevent any mishaps from spoiling your perfect event.

Outdoor Event Checklist

1. Be Ready with a Backup Plan

In the event industry, one thing we’ve learned the hard way is that usually things don’t go as planned. However, the key is to be prepared in case things go wrong. For example, if it starts raining suddenly, have a backup plan where your guests can continue partying indoors or have a large tent ready for them to take shelter under.

2. Keep an Eye on the Weather

To avoid bad weather, the best thing you can do is monitor the forecast regularly. Yes, even if your event is in the middle of the summer – so no worries about a snowstorm. But what about excessive heat waves, humidity, or summer rain? It’s best to be prepared for all possibilities.

3. Ensure Compatibility with Outdoor Setting

If you are planning to host it in the middle of a park, you must ensure that you have generators accessible to generate electricity to run the event. And don’t forget about washrooms and hand washing stations.

4. Get the Necessary Permissions

Not every park or outdoor location can turn into an event venue; make sure you have all the right permissions and permits, from location to items you can bring, and ensure you know when the event must end to respect the venue’s rules.

5. Invest in Essential Equipment

Equipment is crucial as it contributes to the event’s success. Make sure that your equipment can manage food storage, so it doesn’t spoil, have heaters in case it gets chilly late in the evening, ensure good lighting that won’t fail, and have tents for resting, storage, and other preparations.

6. Prioritize Health and Sanitation

Safety is key; you don’t want anyone to get sick during the event. Ensure that you follow the best sanitary protocols and encourage the attendees to do the same by supplying hand sanitizers and proper accommodations.

7. Keep Guests Comfortable

Make sure guests are comfortable by having shaded resting locations, ideally with fans to cool your guests down.

8. Set Up Hydration Stations

Summer is hot, and the sun is blazing. To prevent your guests from getting dehydrated, it’s vital to have hydration stations with plenty of water available.

9. Keep an Emergency Kit Handy

Emergencies can happen at any time! From someone having a minor cut to sudden weather changes, it’s important to be prepared. An emergency kit with basic first aid supplies can be very useful in handling little accidents quickly.

10. Ensure Accessibility for All

You will want to avoid any situation where an attendee feels excluded from the rest of the group or cannot enjoy the event as much as others. Keep accessibility in mind; for example, ensure your event is wheelchair accessible.

By following this well-crafted guide, you will be well on your way to hosting a successful and memorable outdoor event that your guests will enjoy. There’s no greater joy than seeing your careful planning come to fruition as people come together in a well-organized, joyful gathering.

So, let’s get started on your planning and create unforgettable moments this season. Give us a call today to help you plan your next event!

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