The pandemic has tremendously impacted the event industry. Many events were postponed, adjusted or cancelled altogether. Out of this turbulent environment, event entertainment trends have emerged. Undoubtedly, events are an inseparable component of social life and are here to stay. As Event Consultants, we noticed a mega shift towards new and improved solutions to solve event planning conflicts.

At Sharon Bonner Consulting, we decided to support and lead our community during these difficult times. We launched our first E-book: Donuts In The Lunchroom which talks about engaging your audience in a virtual world.

Today we will give you an overview of all of the latest trends in the event industry and what to expect. As Event Consultants we understand the importance of staying up-to-date with event trends, so here are the top 10 event trends in 2022.

1. Hybrid Events

With COVID forcing many people to do their events online, businesses and event planners became more comfortable with offering events virtually. However, as restrictions are lifting, people are craving the in-person event experience again. As a result, they will take over the top spot in event industry trends, combining virtual and in-person components to make an engaging Hybrid event for all.

2. Virtual Events

Similar to Hybrid events, Virtual events are essential for event planners. Virtual events can significantly reduce event costs and time, increase global reach, track user behaviour, and more. In addition, by making events entirely online, businesses can make it more accessible for guests to attend and interact during events.

3. Health & Safety Protocols

Health and safety are a massive consideration in event planning at the current time. Different mandates about mask-wearing, social distance, and cleanliness may affect any event, including in-person and hybrid ones. Moreover, keeping events contactless and providing online testing, health screenings and safety reminders are just some new practices that will become standardized in this industry.

4. Augmented Reality & VR

Companies are seeking augmented and virtual reality to increase audience engagement. It’s highly customizable and can be used for virtual tours and event gamification. In addition, it features adaptability and flexibility in transporting your guests to another world. This entertainment trend is here to stay!

5. Eco-friendly, sustainable events

Sustainability has affected all industries, including the event industry. As the event industry was once seen as wasteful, a shift is being made to minimize environmental impact. As a result, sustainable brands are becoming popular and more interested in creating sustainable events. We love giving back to our environment so this entertainment trend is one of our favourites.

6. Use of AI in Event Organization and Analysis

Event planners can use artificial intelligence in several different ways, from event planning to post-event analysis. Like search optimization engines, AI can help find potential attendees, influencers, optimal times and venue locations. In addition, it can automate processes and streamline event planning.

7. Asynchronous Events

This type of event occurs multiple times and in locations and includes on-demand content. It can be personalized per time zone, attracting a diverse audience with effortless synchronization. As a result, guests will enjoy more flexibility and easier participation, and you will have increased ROI.

8. Micro Events

Before COVID-19 annual events were popular; now, micro-events held throughout the year seem to be on the rise. They can cover more topics, promote brand awareness more consistently and are held at a smaller scale, making them easier to plan. Smaller, more manageable event “series” will be more beneficial than planning a “one-off” event.

9. Backup Plans

The pandemic taught the event industry that backup plans are needed—the uncertainty following COVID-19 created stress in ever-changing conditions. The need to have contingency planning skills is more critical than ever. Backup plans are now a staple in the industry. 

10. Enhanced Personalization

Consumers are now looking for engaging events that cater to them individually. Individual follow-ups after events are more valuable than ever as it builds connections and keeps conversations flowing. Guests feel important, appreciated and part of the process. 

How An Event Consultant Can Help You To Create Trendy Events?

The event market is ever-changing and adapting. Events make up a crucial part of a business’s public relations strategy. However, keeping up with these event trends can be challenging and overwhelming. Hiring an Event Consultant will help you to simplify the process of searching for them and simply serve you with the best trends that align with your event goals. Instead of trying to wing it, an Event Consultant will help you plan a trending event while aligning it to your brand.

Hiring an Event Consultant like Sharon can take up much of the uncertainty. As an industry expert, an Event Consultant knows the latest trends and can integrate them into your event strategy. We know it’s tricky to navigate the event industry, especially in a post-pandemic world. 

You don’t need to walk this walk by yourself; we are here for you!

Integrate Event Trends Into Your Event Strategy

Are you looking for guidance from an industry expert on your next successful event? Our portfolio includes hundreds of award-winning events with the latest and hottest trends, making her an expert in the industry and the perfect go-to for event consulting. Request a quote and sign up for our newsletter to start navigating these trends.

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