Happy Earth Day! I It is easier to say than to do. If you are not engaging in sustainable, eco-friendly habits, you are part of the problem. Imagine being given a beautiful, pristine playground, only to disregard it with scattered items and buried plastic bottles.

But when someone else comes to play, it is not in the same condition as when you enjoyed it. Is it not disappointing? Why can we all not enjoy and respect our surroundings? And I know it is easy to point fingers, particularly at events. Yes, they can be quite wasteful at the cost of enjoyment, however, it does not have to be this way. We can keep the party going while being eco-conscious, of course.

So, here are a few ways to celebrate while staying mindful of our environment.

Have You Heard of PCR Plastics?

What if I told you about so-called recycled plastic PCR and how it differs? This type of plastic is made of post-consumer recycled plastic, so instead of creating new plastic, it reuses the ones that already exist. Hereby, it does not minimize plastic; however, it does not increase it either. Instead, it offers a way to reuse, making plastic a resource instead of waste.

In general, I always recommend reusable dishes for events that can be simply washed and reused repeatedly. However, It seems like so many people choose disposable plates and cutlery, but is that really solving the problem? If you think that it is not, then PCR plastics could be a smart choice to look into. Spread the word and next time you are looking for utensils or even decorations, look for PCR and avoid brand new plastics.

The Importance of Decor

Why always buy new decor? It is the most wasteful thing you can do. I see no sense in getting rid of the old just to have brand new items all the time. Ideally, invest in pieces that you can work around and salvage as much as possible.

You would be surprised how many items you own that have so much potential. Yet, if you feel like an element is missing, try to implement it with digital projections, lighting, rearranging decor, playing with colours, and did you know your decor can be edible too?

Food Waste

We cannot realistically predict how much each guest will eat. And it is always a no-no to run out of food so most people end up over ordering. To tackle this, I have a few options.

Firstly, try to have guests indicate their preference for the menu; meat, vegetarian, vegan, etc. This will give you an indication of the % of food groups. Having a little extra for those who want a second portion is always a good thing, but having heaps left over is wasteful.

Another possibility is to have a charcuterie table allowing guests to take as much as they like of certain types of food. As for the leftovers, offer some to your staff, donate unused food to shelters, or repurpose it if left unopened. You can always opt for a more efficient menu instead of selecting one too exotic. Find dishes that are extremely popular and liked by all, and will be easier to give away at the end of the event.  

In Conclusion

Events can be fun and exciting while being eco-friendly and not dull and boring. Check out this article Eco-Friendly Home Living Tips for Better Sleep and Daily Energy for more tips.

We have been working in the event industry for three decades and have all sorts of ideas to share with you.  Book a consultation now and get to planning!

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