Sharon Bonner Consulting (SBC) was started in the fall of 2022 by Sharon Bonner, an event industry specialist, and veteran for more than 35 years now. She started SBC because she wanted to share her creative ideas, industry tips and secrets, and knowledge to build relationships that she had garnered while working in the event industry. Please learn about our event consulting packages and see what works for your next event!

At SBC, we wish to use our dedicated and innovative mindset to provide you with the best tools to curate a tailored event plan that will help you bring your event vision to life. Our services include the following:

  • Event Consulting – Tailoring an event plan that meets your objectives and vision.
  •  Design Expertise – Creating an experiential event design that meets the event’s goals while also capturing the guests’ attention.
  •  Event ROI – Our event plan includes a high and measurable ROI that exceeds the expectations laid out by the client.
  •  Budget Optimization – Putting a number to all the event’s detailed aspects so clients can accurately estimate their expenditure.
  •  Marketing Strategy – Develop a tailored marketing strategy for the event to ensure relevant KPIs are achieved.
  •  Event Documents – Helping clients with the organization by customizing critical event documents like agendas, floor plans, menus, etc.

Aside from our a la carte services, we also offer our clients multiple services in the form of packages, which offer different service bundles based on the expertise level the client is seeking.

Starter Package

This package is for individuals and business owners who have never planned an event or only planned a few personal events like birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings. It includes:

  • A sixty-minute consultation meeting to discuss event objectives and vision
  •  Assistance with the diverse components of the event planning process
  •  Preparation of event documents to cater to event needs

Executive Package

This package is for individuals and business owners who wish to establish more groundwork, develop an event plan, and solidify dates and details. It includes:

  • A sixty-minute consultation call to establish event objectives and goals
  • Two additional sixty-minute meetings
  • Event plan providing customized suggestions for the event
  • Deliverance of a well-thought-out critical path that contains specific dates and tasks to help you be on track to producing a successful event

Expert Package

This Expert package is more hands-on and designed for individuals and business owners looking to maximize their ROIs. It needs a variety of assistance with certain aspects of planning its events. It includes:

  • 90-minute initial consultation dedicated to setting goals and objectives, along with the identification of events KPIs and ROI
  • Three additional sixty-minute meetings
  • Review of existing event plans and agendas, with recommendations by an expert
  • Assistance with critical aspects like the creation of an event brand, strategizing a marketing plan, and aligning event itinerary with pre-set objectives

Custom Package

This package is the most flexible of our offerings and provides ongoing support and solutions that are curated toward specific event goals and objectives. Its major aim is to provide direction for the components of an event planner for a high-profile or major event. Although it comprises a mandatory ninety-minute initial meeting to understand your event requirements, the rest is all up to you! Services we provide include (but are not limited to):

  • Ongoing weekly or monthly support
  • Event audits
  • Planning meetings with your team or board of directors
  • Design-strategy
  • Multi-year event plans
  • Specialized event branding
  • Event marketing initiatives………and so much more!


Well….there you have it! Whichever option you choose to go with, one thing is for certain: SBC is dedicated to providing its clients with a top-grade quality of services that exceeds their event expectations.

If you want to know more or have any burning questions that we can answer, click here for our contact information and we promise to help you to the best of our capabilities!

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