Wow! I cannot believe that the event consulting series is finished and we have outlined the major steps to take in planning a successful event. Each event is indeed different, but if you have a solid event plan, it is like a blueprint for building a house. Follow it as closely as you can, make adjustments as needed, and always keep your eye on the big picture.

Here is what we covered during this 10-Part Event Consulting Blog Series:

Part #1 – Event Consulting vs Event Producer

In this blog, we talk about the differences between these two jobs. We also explore how to decipher which Event Professional to hire for your event planning needs.

Part #2 – Selecting The Perfect Venue

Finding just the right venue is always tough but it’s not impossible if you have a qualified event professional guiding you. Have a look at our Ultimate List of Unique Venues to see if you can find your perfect venue.

Part #3 – Planning Your Corporate Event Agenda

Timing is everything and in the event biz timing is KEY! Planning the “perfect” takes experience and knowledge. Nothing worse than a poorly planned agenda.

Part #4 – Choosing A Theme That Fits Best

A theme can make or break an event. The best kind of theme is one that weaves throughout the strategy of the event. Here are our top 10 Award Winning Themes

Part #5 – Designing a Solid Décor Strategy

The best kind of décor is interactive décor and one that engages the audience. An event professional will guide you on the best option as this can be tricky. Read about this Eco Friendly winning décor strategy here.

Part #6 –  Planning The Proper Menu

Food is something our guests talk about long after the event is over, so you had better get it right the first time. The wrong appetizers, crowded buffets and empty food stations are the death of your event! Looking for unique catering ideas? Click here

Part #7 – Booking The Ideal Entertainment

Most people don’t realize that selecting your entertainment is very important for the success of your event because if you include the wrong selection of entertainment, it may hinder guests’ ability to mingle and network. Here’s a list of hybrid and virtual entertainment ideas.

Part #8 – Including the Right Virtual Activities and Including the Right In-Person Activities

Each event situation and corresponding audience requires the proper activities for the event to be successful.

Part #9 – Adding Swage and Theme Giveaways

 Using promotional products as giveaways is a tried and true marketing technique, however, giving out a bad giveaway can easily lead to it being ignored or even worse, can damage your brand.

Part #10 – Calculating ROI for your Event

ROI is usually meant to measure revenue compared to cost. But for events that generate sales leads for a business or raise awareness for a cause, ROI can be adjusted to measure the net value of your efforts.

I hope that you have taken away some valuable information from this series to help with your event planning process. However, if you feel like you need a little more help from an industry professional, just a reminder, you can book Bright Ideas for event consulting services with as many or as few aspects that you need help with. Think of our event consulting services as a menu in a restaurant. You can choose what you want and need the most help with. 

It depends on what you need. You can purchase a package for a few hours if you need just a bit of guidance. However, if you need someone to map out the whole event plan and implement it, I can do that for you too. 

We offer a free needs assessment in our 30-minute complimentary meeting. So, book your meeting with us today!

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