In today’s world, there are a lot of dietary restrictions, food preferences and food allergies. 1 in 13 Canadians have a severe food allergy and more than 3 million are vegan or vegetarian. Nevertheless, when creating an event, your goal is to serve your event guests flavorful and delicious meals. As Event Consultant Experts, we know that each event requires different types of catering. Whether it’s finger foods, full meals, appetizers or beverages, an Event Consultant will tailor the menu to meet your event objectives. 

Get ready to learn the tips and tricks on how to create the perfect customized event menu that caters to all guests…

What Are Some of the Main Restrictions You May Encounter?

  1. Vegans – Individuals who avoid all types of animal products, this includes eggs, milk and cheese. 
  2. Vegetarian – Individuals who avoid any meat, poultry, fish, and shellfish.
  3. Allergies – This is a person who will have an immune system reaction that occurs soon after eating a certain food. The most common allergy is nuts. 
  4. Gluten-free – These are people who don’t eat anything with gluten in it. This is different than celiac disease where even a slight trace of gluten can make the person sick. 

By knowing the main type of food restrictions and allergies that may be present at your event, you can ensure that all guests are happy, satisfied and healthy!

How to Customize the Perfect Menu? 

To begin, as an Event Consultant we always recommend surveying your guests in advance to discover your client’s food preferences and objectives. From there, you can customize foods that are tailored to your experiential event and align the menu with the event brand.

Food Styles and Themes

Next, you need to figure out what types of food you will be serving. 

Will it be a buffet or a sit-down dinner? By having this in mind, an Event Consultant can generate multiple options that cater to your event’s dietary needs while having an amazing food display.

One of our past event examples is having the option of a pulled pork barbeque and jackfruit barbeque, both options are gluten and dairy free and jackfruit can be a great vegan option. 

How Can an Event Consultant Help You Develop the Perfect Menu?

Event Consultants have worked on many different events with a variety of guests, food preferences or allergies. So, no matter what food barrier you are facing – we have the solution. Event consultants have the knowledge to work with you and help figure out the types of menus that fit your specific event.  

Moreover, as event experts, we have a network of different catering companies and we know which ones will provide the perfect menu for your event.  

Looking To Develop an Inclusive Event Menu?

With over 34 years of experience, Sharon Bonner worked with a wide range of guests with food allergies and preferences, therefore she ensures that your guests are satisfied and healthy! Customizing an event menu is a piece of nut-free, vegan cake!

If you are still struggling with customizing the perfect event menu, let’s change it and help you build the best event menu!

Fill out a quote request form and get started today!

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