This week as part of the event consulting series, we dive deeper into designing a solid corporate event decor strategy. Now that you have a clear understanding of deciding your theme, the next step is to develop the event decor strategy. Remember, it’s less about having pretty things and all about the guest experience

How do I plan my event décor?

First things first, always start with the budget. Until you know how much money you have allocated to the décor, you cannot begin designing the overall look of your event

Once you have defined your budget, I recommend creating a to-scale floorplan of the event space. In this floorplan, you will highlight all of the feature stations such as registration, bars, buffets, and the stage. Be sure that these items are drawn to scale to accurately represent the size and space you are working within.

You will want to start your event décor strategy with the most important and most expensive aspects and work your way to the finer details. I suggest starting with lighting, as lighting can make or break your design. Consider where lighting is most important and how it can provide texture and depth to the space.

Next, decide if you have money for large installations, such as hanging décor over the feature stations. Suspended décor is a great way to distract from exceptionally tall ceilings and bring the guest’s eye down to the feature station. One thing to note about hanging décor from the ceiling is that it can be very costly. Due to the added costs of creating the installation, rigging, safety equipment, and security, your installation vision may not be
feasible. So, don’t be surprised if you forgo this event décor option.

Deciding where to allocate your budget can be overwhelming at times. You may have big dreams in which your budget does not match. That is why I recommend focusing on these main areas when wanting to make an impact with your budget. First, always think of the guest journey at your event. Next, identify the feature stations. By doing so, you will get a clear understanding of where guests are spending their time. Once you establish where your guests will spend most of their time, choose impactful décor in these regions. Lastly, make the event décor interactive whenever possible. Just because something is beautiful does not mean it can’t be part of the overall guest experience.

What are some examples of feature station décor?


Guests will form their first impressions of the event at the entrance, so why not make a statement. I love designing impactful entrances and starting the guest experience with a striking design. Some fun ideas for your event entrance include building an archway, creating a secret door or swaging the drape. Remember, first impressions are lasting impressions.


Having a thoughtfully designed registration space is vital because this is where guests will orient themselves to the rest of the room. I recommend incorporating some themed décor in the registration area, as it will help guests connect with the energy of the event. Maybe add a champagne wall or themed character actors that further welcome guests into the space. You will want to start the guest experience by giving them a reason to explore the event.


Your buffets are often a space where guests come together to chat and catch up. That’s why it is always a good idea to make your buffet décor exciting and memorable. The buffet can be a great location to incorporate statement décor, consider alternatives to just adding decorations to the tables. I am a big fan of suspending décor above this area to catch attention, just like these buffets below that are easily identified by custom hanging chandeliers and crystal columns


Where do guests spend most of their time at an event? If you guessed the bar, that’s right! For this reason, I like to make the bar area show-stopping and impactful with custom event décor. Consider ways to enhance the guest experience at the bar with décor, then go above and beyond to make an impact.


Quite often, when planners get to thinking about the stage, they run out of money. But this is a big mistake. Next to the bar, the stage is probably the most viewed station at your event. So, why not make a big statement with stage décor and consider alternatives to the usual just draped stage backdrop. Your stage will be a focal point of the room for photos, so why not add large-scale eye-catching statement décor here and make an impact

Sharon’s Tip: when designing your décor strategy, dream big and never stop dreaming. Many of our award-winning décor themes were born because we never gave up. For example, this European village was entirely designed by me as a vision I had. Signs and all. Even the frosty windows and smoke billowing out of chimneys were ideas I wanted to integrate into my event design.

Can I hire you to help me design my event décor strategy?

Absolutely! I love creating magic for my clients, and a solid décor strategy is one of my favorite parts. The guest experience is more important than ever for in-person and virtual events. Your in-person event’s décor strategy will be different from your virtual event décor. Often people either forget or ignore adding a décor element to virtual events, which can hinder the guest experience.

With our event consulting services, we can help you create a strong corporate event décor strategy that engages all of your guests. To achieve this, you will require an experienced event professional with the knowledge and resources to create something out of the box. So let us be that resource for you!

Contact us today to book your complimentary 30-minute meeting where Bright Ideas will perform a needs assessment for you! We can then determine the level of assistance you and your team require with designing your corporate event décor strategy.

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