Understanding Event Consultants


Event Consultants vs. Event Producers

Let us set the record straight. Yes, they do deal with the same elements; however, one is more inclined towards advising rather than executing. What does this mean? It means that, per standard, an event production company like Bright Ideas is ideal for someone who is looking for full services customized event, from zero to 100. It includes full involvement before, during, and after the event from design, decor, staff—all would be taken care of for you! Versus if you choose to take a different route such as hands-on organizing it yourself, that is where an event consultant steps in. So, it is an expert with the same knowledge as the event producer; however, the consultant advises you on the options and which package or deal is the best for your value.

Whether you prefer an event consultant or a full-on event production, it all comes down to your needs and wishes. Both offer similar things but approach it differently. Basically, it is the choice between going independent and trying to sort your event out with support or letting a big team do it for you

The Value of Event Consultants

Are event consultants worth it? Short answer: yes.

Event consultants often get overlooked until an unforeseen crisis occurs. Then, as the panic settles in, you realize you have already reserved and spent so much money, yet the event is nowhere near ready. Just imagine if you had one working along with you prior, ensuring a smooth sailing up until the event day.

Knowledge is our superpower. You could not imagine how many people an expert event consultant encounters in their lifetime, in terms of clients, vendors, connections, and even secret spots just for exclusive members. Believe me, we know it all, and it is in our best interest to make your event outstanding rather than a cookie-cutter, formulaic type of event. We can also save you a lot of money by knowing the right people, versus if you had contacted them alone, assuming you could find them.  

The Unique Advantages of Hiring an Event Consultant

Beyond DIY Planning

I want to address the DIY kings and queens: some of your ideas do work, I would not argue with that, but realistically, each project is unique and should be treated with the best care and quality. Imagine you do follow a DIY and it ends up looking cheap, then what? As I always say, choose your battles, but why risk it if event consultants like me exist? Many, including myself, have packages to suit all budgets and sizes, and a little free consultation call can set your mind straight, reassuring you that you will get the best event quality you deserve.

Or others have told me that they use AI for it. Call me old-fashioned, but I do not believe it possesses all the secrets and experience to truly understand what brings success to an event. Yes, on paper, it has amazing ideas, and as far as I know, it does not have access to a pool of vendors or connections of that matter, or even the proper rating for each. It is easy to fake a review online, while someone like me, with a reputation to uphold, would never suggest a bad service, whether it is vendors or venues.

Why Hire an Event Consultant?

Event planning can go many wrong ways, and you would not want a scenario where you invite your high-end clients just to be disappointed and furthermore disrespected by the lack of effort or cutting corners. Hiring an event consultant is the best way to go in terms of money, suggesting, and who does not want to work with an expert who will make sure your event reaches all its objectives and goals. So do not wait and let us work together!

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