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The recent global pandemic has brought many challenges to our world. Many businesses had to close, shut down, or postpone all services. This created a major shift in the event industry. But most evidently, the increasing labor shortage shows us that while the pandemic has ended, its consequences remain. There is a great need to adapt and that’s where Event Consultants come into play. 

Is There Really a Labor Shortage?

Even though the event industry has shown its great resilience and flexibility during the pandemic whether it was by moving to online or hybrid events, the current labor shortage presents the most notable of all losses in this industry. 

However, now as restrictions are lifting and in-person events are slowly returning, the effects of the pandemic are still evident. A shortage of labourers will create a gap that can be filled with the services of an Event Consultant. 

How Does the Labor Shortage Affect the Event Industry? 

Reduced Staff

Due to the increased numbers of Covid cases in the past 2 years, many events were cancelled. Laborers left the industry and found new jobs elsewhere, so now when the industry is in an upswing, we have a severe labor shortage. The hospitality and leisure sectors of the events industry are the most recent casualties of an already decimated event industry.

Low Venue Availability

A shortage of labor affects event venues because of the reduced amount of “hands” at work. Due to the major labor shortage, event venues operate at low employee capacity meaning that they don’t have enough people to run the show. Because of this, many venues are forced to shut down part of their venue or reject event bookings altogether. This results in event planners struggling to book appropriate venues. But with the help and support of an Event Consultant, you can get access to a diverse network and connection to key venues in the event industry.

Decreased Services

To save costs with the pressing labor shortage, services have become slower in their delivery. Oftentimes, an event planner is waiting double the pre-covid time to receive their order. Working with an Event Consultant means that they can utilize their connections and creative strategies, often acquiring a wider range of services in a faster time.

What is the Future of the Event Industry?

As of now, it is unknown when the event industry will fully recover from the setbacks the pandemic has caused. Sectors such as the arts, entertainment, and events are most susceptible to remain stagnant due to the immense loss of revenue and lack of adequate assets to support and sustain them. 

There may be a decrease in services available because of the staff shortage and increased labor costs, but a good Event Consultant will be able to assist you in accommodating these shortfalls. Especially if they offer a FREE complimentary call!

Difficult Times Ahead For Event Planning

There’s no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has greatly impacted the event industry, altering its very nature in the process. From the whirlwind of virtual events to the lack of staff, Event Consultants have been filling in the gaps during these trying times.

But that doesn’t mean the event industry is defeated; that is hardly the case. Event experts are rising above the challenge, learning to adapt to virtual events, and working around the labor shortage that so heavily restricts them. An Event Consultant can help you plan your event by using their extensive knowledge, experience, connections and creative strategies to troubleshoot problems that the pandemic has created.

Connect with an expert today to plan your perfect event despite the global pandemic pressures!

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