What is hot in the culinary world in 2024? Let me tell you, it is much more exciting than you might think. With global warming and food shortages looming, it is more important than ever to indulge in eco-friendly and sustainable practices. In fact, there has been a significant shift towards more plant-based and vegetarian options on catering menus. We should know – our sister company Bright Ideas Event Agency just produced a 100% vegan menu for 300 guests. Read on to find out more…

The menu was vegan!

One of the last events I produced recently was the Celebration of Life for Rob Milne. It was a respectful event to commemorate his life and his vegan lifestyle, ensuring it will be remembered for years to come. The entire menu had to be vegan and here is one way we made it happen:

Interactive Food Stations and Experiences

The concept of interactive food is trendy these days. You can achieve this by incorporating interactive food stations and live cooking to enhance guest engagement. This can range from made-to-order pasta stations, build-your-own taco bars, and sushi rolling stations, to interactive dessert bars where guests can customize their treats. Or copy what we did at the event; we had a bar-bike station to power up the blenders for some awesome smoothies.

Global Fusion Cuisine

Another favourite trend of mine is diversity in foods. I do not mean vegetables and their colourful variants, but rather embracing other cultures in terms of flavouring, traditional dishes, and living a little! By mixing a variety of international cuisines and flavour profiles, such as Asian-inspired tacos, Middle Eastern-inspired tapas, and Indian-inspired street food, you can really spice up your event!

Artisanal and Craft Food and Beverage Pairings

Okay, visualize this… you are hosting an event at a local winery, with wine house choices that would rock your palate. Sounds like a dream, if you ask me. Next time, opt for caterers that offer this style of service, featuring craft food and beverage pairings, ranging from locally brewed beers, small-batch wines, and artisan cheeses to handcrafted cocktails. And I promise you, you would not regret it, as it emphasizes quality, authenticity, and craftsmanship, with a focus on supporting local producers and artisans.

Tech-Driven Catering Solutions

Robotics as servers or bartenders? Sounds interesting. I doubt it will be trending much this year, but I see a future in it. And do not worry, there is no need to leave a tip.

Innovative Presentation and Plating Techniques

As we did with the “Garden of Eden” with edible, beautiful decor, I believe that this trend of presentation will continue to wow the guests, with even more elevating techniques to display artistic garnishes, molecular gastronomy elements, and unconventional serving vessels. Creativity is key, and the sky is the limit.

Health-Conscious Menus

Goodbye, fried foods. With the world becoming more health-conscious, we will be seeing more healthy alternatives in dishes. In fact, there is a trend to advocate and encourage a better lifestyle in general. Thus, it is only obvious to expect lighter fare, superfood ingredients, and dishes that emphasize freshness, seasonality, and natural flavours.

Virtual and Hybrid Catering Services

This one is for virtual/hybrid events. Imagine cooking together over Zoom. The event organizer could send a little box of ingredients so all attendees can participate in a private cooking session. What an excellent way to bond and to participate in wellness activities from the comfort of home!

Minimizing Food Waste!

Cater per need and not want.

In Summary

Start sourcing locally grown organic ingredients, minimizing food waste, and adopting eco-friendly packaging and serving ware. And if you need some extra help, you know who to book!

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