Are you looking for a quick consultation for your event? Or seeking a full makeover to turn your event into an award-winning experience? We have the perfect event consulting package just for you!

Sharon Bonner Consulting will help you optimize your event plan.

Backed by decades of experience in event organization and event management, Sharon is the Event Consultant you undoubtedly need and want by your side. 

When you start working with Sharon Bonner you will receive an initial consultation summary that outlines all of your event goals. As a result, Sharon will have a solid understanding of the entire scope of your event requirements and objectives.

Therefore, she can tailor the best event package that fits your needs!

“A Good Event Consultant Will Listen and Customize the Plan to Your Event Needs!”

– Sharon Bonner, An Event Consultant Expert

The Event Consultant Package That Fits You!

Whether you need full hands-on guidance or quick advice from a professional event expert, Sharon Bonner Consulting offers four different event consulting packages that will fulfil your needs. The only question left for you is which route will you choose?

The Starter Package

All in all, this package offers an agreed-upon body of work such as a concept or theme development. Our services include event idea expansion with various options for theme-related event components such as food & beverages, décor, activities and entertainment.

The Starter Package includes a sixty-minute consultation meeting to discuss your event goals and objectives, as well as assist you with various components of the planning process. The overall project includes the preparation of event documents that are catered to your event needs. Our consultant will provide you with professional advice on existing plans and objectives. Speak to our consultant today to achieve your event vision! 

So, choose this Starter Package if you need a quick and efficient boost to your event… 

The Executive Package

This package may include high-level event documents such as a Critical Path, Event Branding, Marketing and Communication Strategy. Basically, this service will guide you through the process of planning a flawless event.

The Executive Package includes an initial sixty-minute consultation call to establish your event objectives and goals, followed up by two additional sixty-minute meetings. This package also includes an event proposal providing suggestions that are carefully curated for your event. In addition, our team will deliver a well-thought-out critical path containing specific dates and tasks to guide you through producing your own successful event. In addition, you can book a  complimentary sixty-minute follow-up call to review your event. Book a call with our consultant today to achieve your event goals and objectives.

So, choose this Executive Package if you need help with producing a flawless event…

The Expert Package

The Expert Package is for the committed individuals or owners who are determined to see their event vision come to life. The consulting service includes a ninety-minute initial consultation followed up by three additional sixty-minute meetings.  Our consultant will review your existing event plans and objectives to provide our recommendations. 

This package also includes a more hands-on event planning service. Our consultant will assist with critical deliverables like creating your event brand, strategizing a marketing plan and aligning your event to achieve the event goals and objectives. This package will make a difference in the execution of your event and ensure that your vision is attained. To conclude, you can book a  complimentary sixty-minute follow-up call to review your event.  Schedule a call with our consultant today to identify and set your event KPIs and ROI.

So, choose this Expert Package if you want an all-inclusive consulting…

The Custom Package

A good Event Consultant knows that each event has individualized requirements and requires a customized plan. This service allows you to design a package that fulfills your event goals and objectives while measuring your ROI. An Event Consultant will bring your event vision to life.

The Custom Package includes an initial ninety-minute meeting to identify your requirements and will be tailored to suit your needs. This package can include ongoing monthly or weekly support, and meetings with your team or board of directors. In addition, we can provide design strategy, multi-year event plans, specialized event branding, event marketing initiatives and so much more. This package is flexible and provides ongoing support and solutions that are curated toward your specific event goals and objectives. Schedule a call to customize your event strategy and needs.

So, choose this Custom Package if you want a plan tailored to your needs…

There is no one-size-fits-all pricing structure for event consulting packages because the nature of each event is unique. We certainly understand the complexity of the event planning industry. That’s why at Sharon Bonner Consulting we offer personalized Event Consulting packages that can be tailored to any event and any client!

Coupled with over 3 decades of award-winning event experience, Sharon Bonner Consulting is here to bring your event vision to life. Event planning doesn’t have to be stressful.

Contact us today to talk to an event expert that will help you to plan your next award-winning event! 

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