The pandemic has shifted how we engage with coworkers, friends and family now with an increase in virtual events. For years we connected in person but now as we are thrust into a new normal. Evidently, many of our connections are now made online through a virtual platform. Even though restrictions are being lifted, many companies have realized that the virtual platform is very useful. 

So if your team is working remotely or a hybrid of both we have the solution for you. Stay tuned to learn how to plan engaging virtual events!


Best Online Team Building Icebreakers 

Below we’ve listed a few of our favourite team building activities or icebreakers that can be easily planned in your virtual event.

Parade of Homes: 

Engage your online team by building personal connections. This game encourages your guests to show one aspect of their house and tell a story about it. Of course, houses can be very private so let your participants decide which room they show. Alternatively, they can share an object and a memory with that item. As an experienced event consultant, Sharon always places priority on her guests’ experience.

Thinking Out of the Box:

Many online meetings or events start painfully slow; this is a great icebreaker game to break the ice. Firstly, share a link or host a trivia game that ties to the theme of the event. As a result your guests will stay active and engaged during the virtual event. Furthermore, playing this in games helps to engage teams in a virtual world. 

Two Truths and a Lie:

Of course we had to go with the classic. Because classy is always a good choice for virtual teams. This is a great game because most people know the rules! This means, less time on housekeeping and more time to engage your team online.

Indeed, one of the biggest problems with virtual events is engagement. 

How To Engage Teams Through a Virtual Platform? 

As an event consultant we’ve heard it all. 

“People are Zoom-Fatigued”

“We don’t have creative online games”

“We are tired of seeing black screens!”

So, let’s talk about the best online activities. 

Guest Speaker or Celebrity:

This is a great way to get engage the audience and more interested in the event at hand. We’ve seen that even pre-recorded messages have been able to “wow” the crowd.

Discover Live’s Interactive Virtual Travel Experience:

In one of our annual corporate events (LINK) we were able to travel to Jamaica, Greece and Mexico. So, why not in an engaging virtual event format? 

This event concept will allow your online team to travel long distances from the comfort of their work desk. But, planning an event like this requires strategic event planning. And this is why we are here for you.

Online Comedy Show:

This is a great way to boost energy levels. We’ve worked with multiple comedy agencies that boast virtual comedy shows. You can choose from various shows, from celebrity comedians to sketch comedy and more. This one will engage your virtual team and give you internal jokes to talk about for a long time!

How Can an Event Consultant Help?

These are just a few of our favourite online event entertainment and activities. But to truly plan exceptional virtual events, you must tie the event agenda to your brand and event goals. Of course this is easier said than done.

That’s why we offer event consulting services. With Sharon’s 34 years of experience, she has mastered the art of engaging people, whether it be virtually or in person. 

Fill out a quote request form and get started planning your virtual event or virtual meeting today!

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