Always wanted to walk on a red carpet? Fantasized about award-winning events? Producing an award-winning event is not out of reach for you anymore. By hiring an award-winning Event Consultant, you can finally turn what you thought was impossible to reality! 

This blog is a recap of our interview done with the award-winning event expert, Sharon Bonner, on how to produce an award-winning event. If you have any additional questions or need assistance with event consulting, please get in touch with Sharon Bonner Consulting. 

We’ll give you the best recommendations and support to make event planning simple!

What Exactly Is an Award-Winning Event?

Typically, a vision and budget must match the event goals and objectives to be considered an award-winning event. According to award-winning event planning expert Sharon Bonner, there is a winning event formula and if the event criteria checks all of the boxes, it is usually an award-winning event. You can access an endless pool of knowledge about the event industry once you hire an event consultant. With the assistance of an event consultant, you can start producing award winning events yourself and become an event expert!

Award-Winning Events

Important Aspects to Consider When Planning an Event

According to Bonner, there is a formula for organizing a successful event. Knowing that no two events are the same is the first step. Before organizing an award-winning event, you should consider the following questions: Why are you holding this event? What are the aims and objectives of the event? How are you going to gauge ROI? It’s crucial to have a wealth of experience in maximizing event budgets and to understand where to put your money.

A Special Formula by an Event Consultant

Sharon explains that a step by step procedure similar to a contractor building a house must be taken when planning an event. First, you draw up the blueprints, then you gather the event vendors to support your blueprints. In other words, the first step is to lay a foundation, which can be a physical location or an online platform for events. And from there, you carry on to build from that point. 

“A good event consultant will help you to develop an award-winning event strategy and guide you through the process of building event documents.”

Things to Avoid When Planning an Award-Winning Event 

There are many risky elements one should avoid when planning an event. Sharon emphasizes that one of them is ignoring the warning signs when you are told that a particular event is risky. Similarly to this, it is problematic to cut corners on essential items when the budget is inadequate and to skip steps in your critical path when you are running low on time.

Award-Winning Events

What Now?

“The experience and knowledge of a seasoned Event Producer are invaluable and should always be considered when producing an event.”

Sharon Bonner Consulting is developed with a variety of options so that there is a package for all budgets. The experiences that attendees have at the events we design have a profound and lasting impact. Therefore, with our assistance, you might even be able to win event awards for your award-winning events! 

Even if you think you have completed all of the steps, hire us for a few hours to check your event plan. It is money so well spent. A professional Event Consultant by your side is very beneficial because we are aware of the absolute do’s and don’ts for any type of event, which may help you avoid careless errors or pointless difficulties. Come visit us!

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