As the severity of the pandemic has slowly died down and virtual events have gradually shifted back to in-person, it is normal to not know what to do due to the sudden adjustment. However, there is no need to fear because we, as expert Event Consultants, are here to provide you with some of the in-person events Do’s and Don’ts to make your event planning transition as simple as ever!


Do Find a Venue With a Good Amount of Space

  • More space for movement and social distance, as the latter helps many people feel more at ease, particularly with COVID-19 in mind.
  • Look for a location that has lots of open space, including in the lounge areas and common areas in addition to the meeting rooms.

An Event Consultant will guide you to review items such as the venue’s gathering restrictions, parking and any other outstanding issues.

Do Pay Attention to Venue Contracts

  • You should carefully review venue contracts and request additional clarification as necessary so that you are aware of all your commitments and options.
  • Keep an eye out for cancellation and postponement policies, so you are prepared for any pandemics.

An Event Consultant would ensure the venue contracts are prepared thoroughly without any problems.

Do Implement COVID Sensitive Measures

  • One of the most crucial things is making sure event attendees are safe, especially during and after a pandemic. Some guests are still nervous in large crowds so provide masks and spread out the tables to make everyone feel comfortable. 
  • This way, everyone will be more relaxed at the event, knowing that they are more or less in a safe environment.

Because Event Consultants have a good amount of knowledge of health conditions, they will be able to help you with this process.

Do Implement Sanitizer Stations

  • You should have hand sanitizer readily available throughout the space.
  • There are numerous options, including touchless stands and individual hand sanitizers that can be placed on every other seat.
  • Sanitizers could also be a way to promote your brand!

Through their connections, an Event Consultant could assist you in finding any potential collaborators to create unique logos and designs. 

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Don’t Expect Venues to Be Perfect the Way They Are

  • Many people expect or assume that the venue they booked is already clean so they do not do any further cleaning, but it is effective to do some cleaning yourself prior to the event for the safety and health of attendees.
  • Sometimes the greenery at a venue is fake and dusty, so allow extra time to clean it before your event. 

Since Event Consultants have professional experience, they will help you overcome this problem by scheduling the venue cleaning in the list of venue set-up duties.

Don’t Assume All Attendees Are Comfortable With Physical Contact

  • Due to the pandemic, giving everyone name tags with a designated colour for their preferred method of communication is a good idea.
    • Green: comfortable with handshakes, hugs and other forms of contact
    • Yellow: could mean that they’re okay with elbow bumps, but no hugs or handshakes
    • Red: could mean that they want complete social distancing.

An Event Consultant would help you successfully organize this activity to make your guests feel super comfortable.

Don’t Assume Attendees Are Aware of the Rules/Restrictions of the Event

  • Put up signs for hand sanitizers, social distancing, restrooms, food areas, check-in areas, the requirement for masks, other reminders, etc.
  • Send a “Know Before You Go” document to communicate all event details in advance.

An Event Consultant will assist you in implementing signs in an effective manner based on their past successful event experience.

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In Conclusion

Although there may be a lot of information to remember and process, it is absolutely necessary for the attendees of your event’s safety and health. An Event Consultant will undoubtedly be able to provide clarification and show the way toward your best event outcome. 

Visit Sharon Bonner Consulting for expert advice from an award-winning event strategist. If you have any additional questions or want to review your event plans to make sure they are safe, please get in touch with us today. 

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