We are so excited for a surprising award; Sharon is making waves and people are taking notice! She’s been nominated for the fabulous 2023 Women of Inspiration™ Awards by Universal Women’s Network™ Inc., and that’s not all – she just won Destination Toronto’s Giveaway through  Ignite Magazine!

Sharon’s Nomination for the 2023 Women of Inspiration™ Award 

First things first, a huge shoutout to Dennis Turnbull for putting Sharon’s name into the hat. We are so thankful he sees Sharon as an extraordinary woman who deserves to be recognized as someone who leads, inspires, and motivates. Big thanks to Universal Women’s Network™ Inc. too, for being such champions for women, and for celebrating women’s achievements in so many fields. This is a space where ladies like Sharon get to shine!

We’re over the moon about the Gala in Toronto on Friday, November 03, 2023. Can’t wait to see all the amazing women in the spotlight – may the most inspiring win!

More than an Award: Sharon Strikes Gold with Destination Toronto’s Giveaway 

So, here’s the thing; Sharon was randomly selected as the winner of Destination Toronto’s Giveaway through Ignite Magazine. But, between us, we don’t really believe in coincidences. We’re convinced it’s the universe’s way of giving a nod to Sharon for all her hard work and positivity. And how perfect is it that she would be in Toronto for the prestigious Gala Awards.  Still, a big thank you to Ignite Magazine for the giveaway and for being such a force in the events industry!

Surprise Trip Details 

Did we mention what Sharon won? The prize is an awesome weekend getaway including airfare and two nights’ accommodation for two guests in the buzzing city of Toronto. Look out, Toronto – here comes Sharon!

A Bit About Sharon 

Okay, so who is this Sharon we keep talking about?

Sharon Bonner is the brains and the heart behind Bright Ideas Event Agency, which she kicked off in 1988. She’s an award-winning Event Producer, Event Strategy Consultant, and Published Author. Oh, and did we mention an innovator? Yep, she’s that too.

On March 7, 2023, Sharon received the ‘Woman to Watch’ Award, which spotlights event leaders who are making an incredible impact on their community and the people around them.

She recently started her own Event Consulting business Sharon Bonner Consulting and has been racking up the awards.

Sharon’s career is jam-packed with achievements but ask her and she’ll say her proudest moments are when she makes a difference in someone’s life, especially those just starting out in the events industry.

She’s all about giving back to a community that’s given her so much.

Drop Sharon a line today. She’s love to hear from you. sharon@bonnersharonconsulting.com

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