It all started over 34 years ago, the typical small-town girl came to the big city into life.

Sharon was working hard in her academic journey at SFU when the call to pursue events had arrived. She was studying business and marketing and her girlfriend and two of her friends approached her for help to overcome difficulties in their event strategy project. Typical Sharon, she was excited to embark on a new challenge while helping her friends, which eventually led to her becoming the Event Expert she is today. 

But Sharon noticed something bigger in this experience. An opportunity. A passion. Magic. 

The Beginning

Ignited with excitement, she began offering event planning services and was committed to providing her clients with creative and inspiring event experiences. Her mission rapidly grew with success and in 1990 Sharon opened the doors to Bright Ideas Event Coordinators Ltd. Combined natural talent and innovative mindset, it’s clear that Sharon was made for this industry.

Now, with over three decades of experience under her belt, Sharon has worked with multiple companies such as Microsoft, McDonald’s, BestBuy, and VanCity. She also worked with the Royal Family, Emperors, Prime Ministers, Attorney Generals, and many more. Sharon is an Event Producer who would never compromise for less than excellent. She’s committed to delivering personal and memorable experiences. Her industry-proven experience and numerous awards stand for her natural talent and successful skills.

During her extensive time in the event industry, Sharon noticed a big problem in the event planning world. Time after time clients approached her for assistance due to their lack of experience, staff time or budget. As a loyal and caring event expert, Sharon decided to step forward and take action. She offered Event Consulting services for those clients that needed a variety of support.  

Sharon Bonner Consulting is born!

Sharon decided to open her Event Consulting business, and provide her award-winning event knowledge. So now if you are working with a low budget, lack staff, or just need extra expertise to spark “experiential event vision”, Sharon Bonner Consulting is at your service!

With this new and exclusive consulting service, you can enjoy a top-class experience and produce high-end events for yourself or your clients. Explore our Starter, Executive and Expert Packages to benefit from award-winning event production expertise. Sharon will assist you while still staying within budget and exceeding your event expectations with her consulting service. 

By now you probably have an idea who Sharon is. She will not settle for anything less than perfection! Sign up for our Consultant Corner Newsletter to get all the latest and exclusive updates about the event biz!This is where ‘Event Dreams’ become a reality. We’ll see you there!

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