Budget Plays a Big Role

Short-long-story… luxury does cost money. Whether it is the venue of your dreams or a special edition antique vehicle straight from the 1950s. Yes, even permits can cost a bunch and it is almost impossible to avoid that. However, this does not mean that the event cannot be a success while sticking to a predetermined budget! This is where meticulous budgeting comes into play. A strategy that not only guarantees all the essentials you cannot go without, but also ensures that you end up having a good time. I advise, while creating a budget plan, to break your budget up into categories, per element. Then create three subcategory columns such as ‘must-have,’ ‘nice-to-have,’ and ‘optional.’ This way you and your team can create your own event and manage the budget and expectatations. Plus, it is always recommended to have some funds set aside as events can be unpredictable.

Effective Use of Space

Here is something to help you visualize the concept of floor planning. Imagine a whole park at your disposal, and the only decor is one table, three balloons, and a little speaker. Yikes… I would not want to attend that event. Instead, visualize the potential of that space, like at the ‘Rock n’ Roll BBQ on the Beach’, where every detail was thoughtfully laid out for maximum traffic flow and guest comfort with antique cars from the 50s, dance areas, and entertainment worthy of a lifetime. Now this is an event that has appeal and attracts guests to check it out.

It Is About the Theme

A good theme is the core of the event. It can decide the mood and style you are going for, from music to food to even the colour of the plates… the theme sets the vibe, like for example, how the 50s theme was embedded through decor, invitations, and activities. With elements like bubble gum pink signs, checkered dance floors, and vintage car displays. And my favourite – custom invitations as records with save the date.

Entertainment is a must and encouraged to be on theme! Like Marilyn Monroe singing ‘Happy Birthday’? Or obviously, it is almost embarrassing not to include the king of rock and roll, Elvis, to really bring the 50s to life. 


Between the lines, I guess what sets up an event to be much more than an ordinary event is curated creativity. And the more you indulge in it and invest time to create a more immersive experience, the more interesting and attractive your event becomes.  

Did you get your answer to what the big secret to throwing a successful outdoor event is?

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