There is so much value when hiring an Event Consultant, especially because this entails the access to a wide range of tools that are unique when hiring their services. It’s an opportunity to easily upgrade your corporate event without the hassle of having to take care of numerous tasks. An Event Consultant not only proves to be beneficial in your corporate event, but they are also able to maximize your budget without you having to spend so much more.

Here are 5 reasons why an Event Consultant is beneficial for your corporate event:

1. Event Consultants meet business objectives

Maybe your event is a product launch, client gathering, conference, or charity gala. No matter the goals of your corporate event, your Event Consultant will make sure all goals are met. Working with an Event Consultant can not only save you time out of your workday, but also save your company money while meeting corporate objectives.

Through their experience they can aid in making your event a success story! An Event Consultant’s creativity is able to shine where by choosing the right themes, activities, and entertainment to create a branded experience for your guests. They can also engage marketing tools to guarantee a memorable connection with your brand.

2. Event Consultant make your vision a reality business objectives

An Event Consultant maximizes your event’s schedule, organizing every detail efficiently, from guest arrival time to readiness. With their experience, they ensure smooth time management and avoid potential issues, providing you with a trouble-free event.

3. Time management is a necessary skill

An Event Consultant expertly organizes every detail of your event’s schedule, ensuring maximum efficiency. They easily manage guest arrival and readiness, preventing any issues thanks to their years of experience in handling event logistics. Their presence benefits you by ensuring smooth time management and a trouble-free event.

4. An Event Consultants’ connections will benefit your corporate event

Part of an event consultant’s ability to economize comes from their industry connections, which have been nurtured over decades. Event Consultants have lists of venues, restaurants, staffing agencies, flower boutiques, DJs, bands, audio-visual companies, and more. Often, service providers partner with Event Consultants and offer discounts for client referrals.

Not only is it time-consuming to reach out to every service provider you’ll need for an event, it’s more expensive to book them. An Event Consultant is able to negotiate preferred rates for your corporate event and be able to increase savings. Plus, Event Consultants can vouch for the quality of partnered service providers. For example, a venue they’ve recommended to a hundred previous clients, and that has come through every time, provides great peace of mind when planning your event.

5. Relieving stress

This is probably the most important benefit of hiring an Event Consultant. Stress clouds your thinking and for some people, paralyzes their ability to move forward. Relieving a big stress off of your already busy schedule, frees you up to make good solid decisions about your event.

In the process of planning your corporate event, you’re certain to have ideas and questions especially if this is your first event that you have planned. Having an Event Consultant in your back pocket will allow you to ask those questions and bounce ideas off of someone who is an expert in the field. They can help you make the right decisions to organize the event you envision.

The Gold Bar Gala:

Working with Sharon Bonner Consulting is easy. It starts with an exploratory call to see what you need help with. Once you talk to a seasoned professional, your event nightmares turn into event dreams again. And that is worth its weight in gold!

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