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It’s been a month full of emotions, surprises and opportunities… You’d think that after 34 years of experience in the event planning industry, I’d get used to the stress that launching a business can bring. While it does get easier, sometimes it’s hard to keep all the pieces in place, and you just need a bit of support. That’s why I started my Event Consulting business.

With Sharon Bonner Consulting, you get an “ace card to trump” your event planning journey!

But before we start working together… let’s get to know each other!

This time of the year makes me want to wrap myself in a blanket, drink some tea and get cozy so why not do it together? Wherever this email catches you – I want you to get comfy because we’re about to open up and get to know each other better!

What’s New

Today I want to dive deeper and share with you the behind-the-scenes of what I adore doing aside from planning and consulting for award-winning events.

I have a passion for young entrepreneurs and engaging with my community as a mentor. In the past three decades, I have mentored over 200 local and international event profs on the ‘Art of Event Planning. I continuously invest in hiring past student interns for my businesses. I love working with young and fresh minds. Even though I have over three decades of industry experience, their enthusiasm matches mine, and together, we can build a strong future generation!

Event planning can be a real challenge, especially if your project is large and your experience is small. If you find yourself in this situation, you should be taking advantage of our free consultation at the very least. Sometimes having an expert’s outlook or opinion on your event status is really helpful. Teams with little experience with short planning deadlines and only a few staff could benefit from our Event Consulting ServicesGive us a call to schedule your event assessment today.

The best discoveries always happen to the people who weren’t looking for them.

Sharon Bonner, CEO & Founder

Featured Events

Winter Wonderland

A Christmas Carol

The client hired us to transform the Rocky Mountaineer Train Station into a Winter Wonderland. And she got just that. A breathtaking winter scene complete with falling snow, ice bars, sparkling white birch trees and snowflake gobos created her Winter Wonderland…

The theme, A Christmas Carol, was chosen for the annual Holiday Staff Party because our client loved the movie and thought it was a classic traditional Christmas story that exhibited compassion & forgiveness, as Scrooge discovered what the true meaning of Christmas…

Why I LOVE giving back to my community?

✨Strengthen communities✨We want to see a positive change within our community, whether it’s our physical community, online community or simply those who share the same interests as us. Giving back can help uplift and motivate us to be better, be open to growth opportunities and maybe even encourage them to “pay it forward” for their community.

✨Make an impact✨
We must have an active presence to make a difference in our community. We can inspire a lasting impact on what’s to come.
As Gandhi said: “Be the change you want to see in the world”. Instead of talking about a change, I believe in getting into the field and making the changes we need to see in the world!

✨Share expertise✨
Involving ourselves with the community allows us to share our skills and broaden our network. Everyone has a skill or experience that someone else can benefit from. Not only can others help when you share your knowledge, but you may also find yourself gaining new skills or further developing your existing abilities. This is how you genuinely innovate!


#1. Always have a Critical Path

#2. Share your vision with the team

#3. Add contingency to your budget

The best is yet to come…

Ultimately, we want to cultivate positive experiences and create lasting connections. Whether it is via our student mentorships, reaching out to potential clients or sustainable initiatives, we want to expand our circle and create connections that will last well into the future.

We love the idea of paying it forward and we believe that the energy you give, you shall receive. Throughout my whole career, I lived with a giving mentality and the fact that you are reading this is proof that it works!

Let’s start giving back to our community by planning extraordinary events.

Whether you are planning a fundraiser, a charity or a corporate event, an Event Consultant is one of the best investments you will make for your event. To plan an exceptional event while keeping within your event budget parameters and achieving your event goals and objectives is quite a feat!

THIS is what your Event Consultant can do for you.

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