Events are a proven method to establish life-changing impressions. And your guest’s experience doesn’t end when the event does. A meaningful event gift is the cherry on top of your event cake and can make your event live on! 

Meaningful gifts are usually one of a kind and demonstrate to your guests how much you appreciate their attendance. But choosing the ultimate meaningful gift can be tricky. You need to find a gift that will fit within your event budget, align with your brand and be valuable. 

So how do we find the ultimate event gift?

Event Consultants are the perfect resource for the perfect gift to impress your guests. As industry professionals, they’re full of advice and ideas to fit your every need and leave your guests awe-struck.

An Event Consultant’s Guide to Event Gifting

1. Consider Your Brand

When planning your event gift you must consider your brand. It must represent what your brand stands for and its core values. For example, consider whether your company claims to be sustainable. In this case, eco-friendly gifts would be the best choice. Guests are reminded of your branding simply by the type of gift they receive. It can be used to create a buzz by reposting it on your social media platforms and engaging your audience. It’s important that your gift aligns with the brand values and portrays them to your guests.

2. Consider Your Audience

Understanding your attendee persona is one of the (if not the top) most important things to consider when determining the perfect gift. For a corporate retreat, practical gifts might be more appropriate; for a community event, fun keepsakes will continue the fun, and for smaller intimate gatherings, sentimental items will be meaningful. The gift you choose depends on the audience and if you don’t take this into evaluation… well your gift has a high chance to be forgotten.  

3. Consider Your Budget

Of course, we can’t forget one of the fundamental factors in choosing the ultimate event gift. Your event gift must fit within your event budget! Once you’ve determined your budget, you can narrow down what vendors that you’ll be able to afford. You might have to DIY part or all of the gift when budgets are limited. It does not necessarily mean that smaller is less memorable; quite the opposite! DIYing a gift can be even more special for the one who receives it. It’s all about staying within budget but maintaining sentimental quality. 

Pro tip: Don’t forget to factor in the packaging and wrapping of your gifts! For example, handwritten notes and framed pictures can create memorable experiences. And the best part is- they won’t break the bank!

4. Personalization Is A Wow Factor

Hands-down, personalization is the best way to create a memorable gift for your guest. It shows them you’ve gone out of your way to curate a personalized experience. However, remember that these gifts are not swag, so limit any branding to prevent guests from thinking it’s advertising. Instead, you can quickly put monograms, dates, images and initials on valuable items that your guests will enjoy and can make them feel special.

How An Event Consultant Can Help:

Event Consultants are industry experts with years of experience planning events. They know the ins and outs of the events world and can identify the perfect event gift for your event. 

Sharon’s years of experience are a resource at your fingertips, waiting to be unlocked. A good Event Consultant like Sharon can help you plan, determine a budget, and meet deadlines to get the perfect gift to your guests on time and at an affordable price.

Additionally, Sharon’s vast industry connections can be invaluable when you’re on tight deadlines, budgets or creativity. 

Give yourself the ultimate event gift and connect with an event expert. Contact us or request a quote to enjoy a free consultation with Sharon. And for more tips, tricks and all things events, sign up for our newsletters to never miss a thing! 

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