After so many years in the event industry, people are still surprised when I mention performing an Event Audit. They do not seem to understand their importance in the event planning cycle. The audit can significantly affect your desired outcome and even your bottom line, so keep on reading.

Understanding Event Audits

Hopefully, we have established why we need one, but here is what really goes into consideration while performing one.

Event Audits are essentially a form of feedback on what works, what does not, what to avoid, or what to implement instead. They come with recommendations, pros and cons, and suggestions for change.

How Event Audit Works

Review of Event Goals and Objectives

So, an Event Audit typically starts with a review of the event’s goals and objectives and the type of marketing strategy that was implemented. This includes a comprehensive assessment of the event plan and its accuracy. It also involves discussion around ROI at your event.

Examination of the Event Budget

Heard of ROI (Return on Investment)? Of course, you have. The audit would include this too, measuring the true gains achieved through this investment in the event, with suggestions and tactics you should implement next time for an even higher return on investment. It’s always significant to focus on your ROI in the initial phases of your event planning.

Analysis of Contracted Vendors

When we say we consider all aspects of the event’s success, we mean it. The choice of vendors can also have a great influence on your end goals, so we take this into account too. With over 36 years in the event industry, we are tightly connected to the top event vendors in Canada. Our knowledge and relationships are key to planning a flawless event.

Identification of Strengths and Weaknesses

Lastly, through SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis for improvement opportunities, we finalize the greatest factors that determine your event’s success and whether to avoid or invest more in them.

Why Act Now?

Event audits are yours to keep. They are like a regular health routine check-up, ensuring your money and time are spent well and efficiently. With this detailed, golden feedback, you can prevent any unnecessary risks, acting practically as a risk mitigation tool.

Who would not want that? And do you know who does it best? An Event Consultant. In other words, think of it like this. You have a manual now for your event with all sorts of info for keeping the event on track. And if do get off track, there is a troubleshooting guide in the manual.

So, why wait? An Event Audit is a valuable asset for future investments. To secure yours today, book a call with Sharon Bonner. Click here for a free consultation. Let us start planning and elevate your event goals to new heights.

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