Event personalization tailors experiences or communications based on info about an individual, allowing companies to create more engaging interactions with their audience.

Event personalization is customizing experiences or communications based on information a company has on an individual. By learning about their prospects and customers, companies can offer personalized experiences or communications that are more meaningful and relevant to the individual.

Tip #1: Customized forms for attendees to fill out

To plan a successful event, gather information about your guests. Design personalized registration forms to learn about their backgrounds, preferences, and other critical details. This will create an interest in your event and increase the chances of a successful outcome.

A Word from an Event Consultant

An Event Consultant, we can assist you in developing the most insightful questions to pose to your attendees because we have the expertise and know-how to request the right information. Data obtained from your event is invaluable to future event planning.

Tip #2: Branding

To let attendees know whose event they are registering for, incorporate subtle (or overt) branding. Use the company and event logos and add colour. Utilizing vibrant and distinctive colours will likely make an event more interesting to attendees. Using their connections to various brand personalization businesses, an event consultant will assist you in selecting appropriate colours and designing a compelling logo for your business.

A Word from an Event Consultant

Event branding can appear in all sorts of places you might not expect. We have seen it on cappuccino foam, smarties, cake pops, Christmas ornaments, you name it! The experience is unique for the guests because it feels like it was made specially for them.

Tip #3: Social media

Give attendees the option to post about the event on social media before, during and after attending the event by creating a personalized event hashtag. When people post about the event on social media, you can learn more about the preferences of your attendees. Make the event’s unique moments shareable by creating them in advance.

A Word from an Event Consultant

You should track social media statistics and use their connections to create custom hashtags and filters for your event. We can assist in producing a successful event marketing campaign that will generate anticipation towards the event and create FOMO.

Tip #4: Design Marketing

Event personalization is the process of customizing experiences or communications for individuals based on the information a company learns about them. This enables companies to tailor their interactions with prospects and customers, much like you would personalize a gift for a close friend.

A Word from an Event Consultant

We are skilled in producing an effective email campaign for your attendees that will build excitement and anticipation. Above all, our decades of experience will position you to create award-winning designs and WOW your guests!

Tip #5: Feedback

To improve your event, gather genuine feedback by sending out a post-event survey immediately. Offer a prize draw incentive to encourage completion. Emphasize that feedback will be used to enhance future events.

A Word from an Event Consultant

Our specialties are far and wide and we can assist you in developing a feedback questionnaire to gather pertinent and essential information. Analzying your data and feedback after the event is critical and it allows you to enhance subsequent events.

Get creative!

You can accomplish a lot with the knowledge you now possess! Personalization is all about the little details, using the data you already have and automating procedures to give visitors a personalized experience.

At Sharon Bonner Consulting, we leverage our expertise in event consulting to ensure that we personalize your event and save you money.

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