Can you believe it? We made it! 2022 is coming to an end, and 2023 is already knocking on our door. I don’t know about you, but 2022 was AMAZING. But I’ll be honest… it’s all because of YOU.

Thank you for a great year and a great start to our new Consulting Business. 2022 wouldn’t be the same without this community. So you are why we do what we do (and do it with so much passion).

Even though we’ve been in this industry for over 34 years, every year keeps surprising us with new challenges, opportunities, connections and trends. It is harder to plan events today than ever before. A lot of good quality talent has left our industry over the last few years which leads us to new obstacles when planning events.

What do you think 2023 will bring?Undoubtedly, the event industry will keep evolving and changing… just as we all do!

❝ Think big and plan for your success. Nothing beats a solid plan!”

Sharon Bonner, CEO & Founder

What’s New?

Our sister company Bright Ideas Events Agency’s latest event made the front page for a Paris-themed event! Read how their ‘best event yet’ surprised guests & brought them together for the first time since Covid! https://vancouversun.com/news/local-news/holiday-parties-back-in-bc

So how did we evolve? Well, at Sharon Bonner Consulting, we never stop learning. Instead, we love accelerating our business by implementing the latest event trends on top of our extensive industry experience. The combo of both forces provides us with the sweet balance of innovation and proven expertise to succeed in our Event Consulting Services.

Can we finally say it? Finito La Pandemic!
As we wrap up 2022, we feel like we are getting further away from the global pandemic that shocked our whole industry. While the pandemic brought us many presents, such as Zoom and online events, there is a certain quality with in-person events that nothing can replace. So, we are grateful to embrace both event modes! Whether it’s an online event, a hybrid event or an in-person event, we were able to experience, learn and master the art of all event formats!

Rest assured that we didn’t sit and wait for the pandemic to pass here at Sharon Bonner Consulting. For us, every experience is an opportunity to grow and learn and the pandemic was no different.
During the pandemic, we decided to put on our creative and innovative hat and launch our first E-book!
Donuts in the Lunchroom” provides insights, tools and ideas on bridging the virtual divide, enhancing online engagement and making teams feel connected and valued again. This book was our sneaky way to drop a box of donuts on the e-counter in the online lunchroom 😊

Why 2022 Was Extra Special For Us!

Sharon Bonner Consulting was born✨
Sharon has been brewing it for a while. You asked; we listened! Sharon Bonner finally opened her event consulting business this year, and the best is yet to come…

The Consultant Corner grew✨
Well, we cannot ignore the elephant in the room… The Consultant Corner grew extensively. We are so thankful to serve this community with fresh and exclusive event updates.

We started the SBC Blog✨
This one was long overdue! With over 34 years of experience and multiple awards, the Sharon Bonner Consulting blog was a non-negotiable. Sharon has a lot of knowledge that needs to be shared.

Another year of event awards✨
This year we were blessed to be nominated and receive event awards from many reputable event associations. Winning these events just ignited us with more motivation to keep moving forward!

Guest Experience

The Setting

Event Agenda

The guest experience is the most important aspect of your event. This can be achieved through food & beverage, entertainment and activities. The way guests feel equates to their experience.

Create an event space that encourages networking, mingling and interactions while not feeling too overwhelmed. Include seating vignettes which are inclusive of all guests attending the event.

Always design your event agenda to allow for unexpected surprises for the guests. There is nothing more valuable than creating an unforgettable experience for your guests that they don’t see coming.

Get Organized! Start planning as soon as the previous event concludes so that the pros and cons of that event are fresh in your mind. This will allow you to build upon your successes and learn from the event. For example, if the floorplan layout worked in the event, then start with that for the next event.

What Do We Have Cooking For 2023?

2022 was a year to remember and we truly don’t know how 2023 will outdo this. But as a new & ever-growing company, we are always on the quest to learn and improve. And we would love to work with you. We make it easy for our clients to work with us, so you pick what works for you!

As the end of the year is approaching, we would like to take a moment and thank you all for being such valued and loyal customers of the company. With us working beside you, we will help you bring your event vision to life.

We are looking forward to 2023 and the magical spark it will bring to future events… If you are thinking of planning an event and not sure what to do, this is your sign.
Our on-budget, creative and dedicated approach helps all our clients maximize their event ROI. We will work alongside you to develop an event structure, and provide valuable feedback on all event documentation including budget, floorplans, catering menu and schedule.
Let the magic begin🪄!

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